Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 1.1

As promised this is day 1.1 of my journal, and instead of starting out on a depressing note (ie discuss my overwhelming weight and how I never really feel fat or unhealthy until I look in the mirror or try on jeans) I am going to start with some of my own weight loss tips and notions. Throughout this process some of these may end up being useless to me, and some may be the best, we will see!!
1. Exercise where you are comfortable. I, personally, am very uncomfortable working up a sweat at my apartment's gym in front of skinny little girls who run 5 miles without breaking a sweat. Instead, I do it in the comfort of my own home. I do this with "The Biggest Loser's Last Chance Workout" DVD. I find that I work up a better sweat and feel better in general after that 25-35 minute workout as opposed to the 2 hours I was cranking at the gym.
2. Find exercise clothes that make you feel good. I purchased some cute jogging pants, comfy sports bras, and some adorable running shoes for indoors only. Yeah, these may be splurges, but I find I am in a better mind set when I get into my workout clothes, as opposed to my old holey sweats and tee shirts.
3. Brush your teeth when you are done for the day! This is critical to me. As a college student there are some days I stay up 20 hours a day and eat 5 meals. Mostly out of boredom and also because my stomach is so stretched from overindulging. Brushing my teeth is a minty reminder that I am done consuming for the day.
4. Have a (real life) weight loss support team. The team can be one or two people, mine is my fiance. He somehow finds the perfect balance between "stop eating fat-ass" and "you are perfect the way are". I never feel self-conscious around him, but I also get a lot of support and motivation from him.
5. Crystal light! Yes I am in college. Yes it is nice to unwind after an exam/ long term paper. Yes vodka is very good at accomplishing that. But did anyone have any clue that vodka has like 60-70 calories?! My God! So, instead of starving myself to be able to save calories for fattening screw-driver or daquiri, I mix my alcohol in tasty, low-cal crystal light. And its amazing.
6. H2O! Water! Agua! Get it?! Drink lots; especially when you work out. Not only does water keep your tummy full but when you sweat you lose a lot of water! You don't have to be in the desert to be dehydrated, people! I have forgotten about my water consumption in the past and have gotten pounding headaches and even thrown up from dehydration! Not fun!
7. Ask yourself when you eat something, is this worth the calories? If not- than don't eat it! Sometimes chocolate can be okay (if you actually eat the serving size or half!), but not everyday! Every once in awhile, say "your time of the month," when you ask that question, the answer can be yes! But on a daily basis, chocolate, ice cream, cheese sticks, potato chips, and movie theatre popcorn are not okay. What's worth the calories?? Well, go to and enter your information to see what kind of calories your body needs, as per customized to you!

Okay, obviously I am not an expert... I weigh almost 300 pounds! But in the past I have lost weight employing these methods (albeit for only a week or two). If I am wrong, I will fully admit it. But for now, these are my tips, this is my game plan, and I am ready to go. Ready? BREAK!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Day One

Today didn't start out well, so we will call tomorrow Day 1.1...
I would like to say "I woke up with a sore throat and felt sick all day," but really I was so stressed last night, I never went to bed, got a sore throat and some nausea around 5 am and then it was all down hill from there.

I had an exam that I did poorly on, if I had just studied while I was up all night. I have to start utilizing my time better for exercise and studying... not blogging and watching my favorite movie, Knocked Up.
Well, I am extremely obese (275 lbs and 5'4"). I am a college student and while I love working out and cooking healthy meals, I cannot always fit my workout into my schedule, let alone cook a (cheap) healthy meal.

My fiance and I are getting married at the end of summer, and we want to start our family almost immediately (I am going to med school and am taking a year off between bachelor's and med so its kind of perfect)... but I am terrified of gaining EVEN MORE weight and that I will hurt my child or my baby will suffer because of my problems. I plan on losing weight (2lbs a week) and getting down to "just obese" (lol) by the time we conceive and maybe continuing the same exercise regimen and follow a calorie count given by my doctor...

As of right now, I know I am disgusting, but I do not feel disgusting. I can walk the same as my friends (albeit slightly slower), I can dance, I can even run for a couple minutes. How is it possible that I am this fat?